The basketball saga of most respected videogames continues in NBA LIVE 07
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The basketball saga of most respected videogames continues, year after year without missing any of their appointments with players from around the world. Each delivery returns us to the current NBA season, updating players, incorporating data, and so on.
That's why we have NBA Live 07, to forget about injuries, travel, annotations and bouts of bad games and playing games one after another, ad nauseam. That's, of course, provided you're one of those people who enjoy poking balls in baskets.

What are the differences between this edition and 06? So basically the new edition of EA sports franchise incorporates new game options and the movements called "Freestyle" which were incorporated earlier. This season is called "Total Freestyle Control." With this addition, the game becomes more dramatic with passes, mates and impossible shots.

As regards the long NBA seasons, some factors that will make the players earn "chemistry" between them have been incorporated, including coordinating coolest moves and shots or getting tired through travels, the minutes excess, and so on.
We can also find the friendly matches between one or two players, mates and triples competitions broadcast by famous commentators. To all this we must add a lot of extra content and the information provided by ESPN, a leader in sports communication. An enjoyment for all those scholars of the sport. As always, the EA game deserves the highest mark in this aspect.

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  • Luxurious extra contents
  • More Freestyle


  • Almost everything we have seen in NBA Live 06
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